Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being Self-employed during economic changes

Welcome to the first posting of my blog! It is intended for anyone interested in starting or growing their practice, both practically and clinically. Even though economic changes are occurring in our country and community, I think it is time to keep growing your small business! There will always be slow times, and business will ebb and flow. And, sometimes family and/or personal emergencies will take you away from your business. My sanity saver is having 3 months of business expenses saved (thank you Dave Ramsey).

What do you do when your business slows down? The possibilities are endless: marketing, training, organizing, evaluating, dreaming, and even relaxing! Are you do for a break from the time management pressures of being self-employed? Or, do you take the opportunity to enjoy some down time, get out of the office, and do something for yourself? Use the time to return yourself to balance. Or, do something for your business that you've been wanting to do, but haven't had the time to do.

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