Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breaking Writers' Block

Writing is one of the best ways I integrate my thinking and communicate information from a lot of different sources. Yet, my mind works faster than my fingers. The topics are plentiful, but sometimes the content is labor some.

I've found it is much different to write for oneself, as in journaling, then it is to publish your writing to a larger audience. Most prolific writers have reminded me that thinking about writing is as important as actually writing. That is, letting the ideas "marinate" in your mind and developing them in an outline. Here are a few other things I've learned from others on beating writer's block:

1. Write when inspired (by quotes, etc.).
2. Write on topics you enjoy writing about
3. Keep a running list of topics/themes for future articles, blogs, newsletters
4. Eliminate ideas that you aren't truly knowledgeable
5. Identify the audience and purpose for your writing

For me, setting time aside for writing helps me have uninterrupted time to develop my ideas. Prior to the set time, I will marinate, think, and sketch out my ideas on the particular topic. I've also found that I have to cross out some topics when I wouldn't enjoy writing about the topic. Even if a wide audience may be interested in the topic, if I don't enjoy writing about the topic it won't bring interest in my services. What works for you?

For a great article on choosing a topic for your newsletter: http://www.freenewsletterideas.com/create-free-newsletter.htm

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